Tempering Systems

PSC offers the world’s most advanced tempering systems for seafood, beef, pork, poultry and other food products. PSC has partnered with Sairem in Lyon, France to bring their leading edge 50Ω Radio Frequency and Microwave tempering systems to North America. Since we are the only company to offer both, we will evaluate your specific needs, review both technologies, and recommend the right technology for your needs.

These tempering systems offer the following advantages:

• Improved Yield - reduce drip loss to less than 1%
• Higher Throughput – temper in minutes with a continuous process
• Lower Cost – reduced labor, less inventory
• Higher Product Quality – no thawed/cooked edges, uniform temperature
• Improved Food Safety – no thawed product, reduced bacteria growth

Our tempering systems can temper to a final temperature within ±1°C throughout the block. We offer both Radio Frequency and Microwave systems in a batch or continuous tunnel configuration.

Contact PSC to discuss your application and arrange a trial on our lab systems. Download Tempering literature here.


75 KW Microwave Tempering System for Meat


50 KW RF Tempering System for Seafood


10 KW Microwave Tempering System for Meat