About Us

Since 1969, PSC has specialized in designing and building innovative Radio Frequency (RF) and Microwave heating and drying systems. As a subsidiary of C. A. Litzler Holding Company, PSC is able to offer combination drying systems using Convection, Infrared and Radio Frequency/Microwave technologies. PSC dryers are used in new and unique applications throughout the world.

PSC monorail fiberglass package dryers are the standard for progressive fiberglass manufacturers worldwide and PSC has earned an excellent reputation in the foam, ceramics, textiles, and foundry industries. PSC offers RF and Microwave systems for tempering meat, seafood, dairy products and other frozen foods to streamline food processing and safety.

PSC has consistently met the challenge of using RF and Microwave technology to improve our customer’s process.

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, PSC laboratories are available for testing and feasibility research on new applications with both Radio Frequency and Microwave systems.