RF/Convection Combination Systems

In addition to stand-alone Radio Frequency drying, Radio Frequency can be combined with conventional drying methods such as convection and conduction to gain even greater improvements in line speed and product quality.

There is great synergy with these combination systems where Radio Frequency excels at heating evenly within the material and pushing the moisture to the surface and conventional methods excel at removing moisture from the surface.

Whether the Radio Frequency is used as a pre-heat, boost, or finish, or a full Radio Frequency application, drying can be much more effective with a PSC combination system.

PSC RF Dryers are used for a variety of heating and drying applications including: Fiberglass, Ceramics, Foam, Composites, Textiles, Food Tempering & Pasteurizing, Wood and Paper.

PSC laboratories provide testing and feasibility research on new applications with both Radio Frequency and Microwave systems. Contact us to discuss your particular application.

200 KW Combination Dryer

150 KW Combination RF Convection Dryer