Ceramic Dryers

PSC Ceramic Dryers reduce drying times from hours to minutes and improve product quality with more uniform drying. By using a high voltage, high frequency electric field, RF dryers cause water molecules to rapidly rotate, creating friction and heat. Because RF heats at the molecular level, the product is heated uniformly throughout the whole thickness. As a result, problems of thermal stresses, uneven binder dispersion, warping, and surface cracking common in conventional dryers are avoided. Problems with overheating are also eliminated because RF preferentially heats the water with little heating of the ceramic material. This also results in more uniform final moisture content, even if the incoming product has a great variation in moisture content.

Additional benefits:

  • Ceramic powders, filter cakes, and shapes are dried quickly and uniformly.
  • Ceramic fiber boards, shapes, and mat can be dried in one fourth the time of conventional dryers with combination RF and convection dryers.

Applications include: powders, ceramic fiber products, foams, honeycomb substrates and coatings.

Radio Frequency Dryer